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Going Green

We take our duty as stewards of our 160ha farm very seriously.
Since we arrived 22 years ago, we have been clearing our valley of alien vegetation, and have planted thousands of indigenous trees. We take an active part in our Conservancy’s efforts to keep Currys Post clean, safe and wildlife-friendly.

As a business, we have always strived to minimise our waste.

Since the beginning, we have offered our customers the opportunity to swop their shoebox’s for a free keyring, allowing us to re-use the cardboard boxes over and over again. Most people are happy with this exchange, and we send them on their way, with their shoes (and keyring) packed in a brown paper bag.

We have a shoe recycling box in our shop where you can drop off your old shoes. Where possible, these are patched up and distributed to people in need.

We have placed bins outside our shop and factory to separate glass, paper, plastic and cans. These are collected monthly by Wildlands Trust and taken away for recycling. Our organic waste is composted for our veggie garden.

We live our philosophy of “Think globally, Act locally”

With the exception of our imported Italian soles, all our raw materials are sourced from local suppliers to minimise the carbon emissions from transport.

We have recently put solar water heaters on all employees’ houses to save on electricity usage.

We have also installed a ram pump in the valley, made by local engineer Dillon Beyers from G-Force pumps, www.evergreengravitypumps.co.za or e-mail dillon.gforcepumps@gmail.com . This is presently pumping 15000 litres a day using NO ELECTRICITY.

Our 2014 tree-planting of 100 indigenous trees has gone well, as we enter spring, so the trees are budding!

Recycling-Bins      Solar-Geysers      Solar-Geyser-on-Roof      Water

Our Sustainability Strategy Moving Forward

In 2010, Earth Patrol was brought in to develop Groundcovers sustainability strategy, and to perform an energy audit of the shop.

This report has given us a baseline, from which to plan our short and long term goals for the whole Groundcover farm.

The Groundcover Shop

The intention behind the Groundcover shop is for it to stand alone as a ‘working model’ of sustainability.

The building itself is recycled, having originally been shipped from Germany to South Africa over 100 years ago to a farm in Creighton.In 1992, it was dismantled and trucked to Groundcover where it took over a year to reconstruct.

We are beginning with the installation of rain water tanks. Harvesting rainwater lessens the burden on our natural water reserves, and will supply our shop with all its’ water requirements in the summer months. The surplus water will be used for irrigating the surrounding gardens.The grey water from the basin and bath will be fed through a pebble bed directly into the landscape.We plan to take our lighting in the shop off the grid, by placing solar panels on the roof. We will have a back up connection to Eskom for rainy days, and a meter to monitor energy use, so that we can adjust sizing of the system. The long term goal is to take the whole shop off the grid. This will be an ongoing process going forward

Groundcover operates in a pristine environment, and we strive to compliment this environment by leaving a legacy that protects our land, water and people.

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