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VEG TANNEDOur veg tanned leather is made from hides we source locally and have contract tanned in Pietermaritzburg. Tannins from wattle bark are used to produce a firm, tight-grained leather. We use this leather in our veg sandal range and to make soles, insoles and belts.

Preparing locally sourced hides for tanning

CHROME TANNEDOur shoe upper and bag leathers have been tanned with chrome sulphates, which produces a softer, supple leather with a looser grain. They come pre-dyed with a heavy fat liquor and waxy finish for water resistance.



Heavy-cleated thermoplastic rubber (TPR) sole with stylish chunky look.


Medium-cleated TPR sole for urban and casual wear.

Forest crepe sole
Forest            Tyre

Flat, low-heeled sole in black or toffee TPR. Ideal for urban or casual wear.

Genuine tyre retread material, for everlasting wear.

Delta Men’s sandal Pulse

Lightweight and comfortable polyurethane soles, used in our handlaced footwear with a soft EVA foam midsole.
Leather Kids

Used on our Blake-stitched boots, with either a Cuban (L) or low (R) stacked heel. Replaceable rubber wear pads. Hard-wearing TPR sole, with medium tread.
EVA                                                                                                                Sole for Wool Footwear

Lightweight sole, available with a low heel (L) or as a wedge (R). Used on our veg-tanned sandals and wool footwear.

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