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  • Large Nappa Bag


    One main compartment; one inner, zipped pocket.

    ColoursBlack (currently out of stock); Brown; Tan; Assorted (Please email us with regards to the colour you are wanting so can check stock)

    Dimensions: L30 x W20 x Base 10cm

    • b-nappa-l-bk-1312359842-jpg
    • b-nappa-l-bn-1312359842-jpg
    • large-nappa-bag_reduced-1461838761-jpg
    • large-nappa-bag-tan_1-1484822806-jpg
    • large-nappa-bags-assorted_1-1484822806-jpg

    Colour *
  • Kombi Bag


    One main compartment; various pouches and pockets; converts into a small rucksack.

    Colours:  Black; Brown; Tan ; Assorted (Red,Lime) (please contact us to find out what colours we have in stock)

    Dimensions: L30 x W32 x Base 18cm

    • kombi-bag2_reduced-1461838894-jpg
    • kombi-bag1_reduced-1461838894-jpg
    • kombi-bag3_reduced-1461838894-jpg
    • kombi-bag4_reduced-1461838894-jpg
    • kombi-bag-tan-1464769101-jpg
    • kombi-bag-inside-tan-1484823547-jpg
    • kombi-side-blk-1484823547-jpg
    • kombi-bag-lime-1488357844-jpg
    • kombi-bag-red-1488357844-jpg

    Colour *
  • Small Saddle Bag


    One main compartment and one outer zipped pocket. Firm body construction. Leather and fabric lining. Adjustable should strap. Decorative buckle, bag closes with magnet.

    Colours : Black; Brown; Tan, Assorted (Please contact us to check what colours are available)

    Dimensions : L22 x W21 x Base 7 cm

    • tan-saddle-bag-newreduced-1464771853-jpg
    • saddle-bag7-1398341324-1442524967-jpg
    • small-saddle-bag-back_reduced-1461838560-jpg
    • small-saddle-bag-inside_reduced-1461838560-jpg
    • small-saddle-bag-black-1484823285-jpg

    Colour *
  • Small Nappa Bag


    One main compartment; one inner, zipped pocket

    Colours: Black; Brown; Tan; Assorted (Please contact us to check what colours are available)

    Dimensions : L24 x W16 x Base 8cm

    • b-nappa-s-bk-1312360226-jpg
    • b-nappa-s-bn-1312360226-jpg
    • small-nappa-bag-navy_inside_reduced-1465466760-jpg

    Colour *
  • Milan Bag


    Three compartments and an inner zipped pocket and various slots.

    Colours: Black; Brown; Tan ; Assorted (Please contact us to check what colours are available) 

    Dimensions: L36 x W24 x Base 15cm

    • milan-bag-assorted_1-1484822749-jpg
    • b-milan-bk-1312360551-1338881172-jpg
    • milan-tan-1464771299-jpg
    • milan-bag_reduced-1461838215-jpg
    • milan-bag-1484823873-jpg

    Colour *
  • Bucket Bag


    One main compartment; one outer, zipped pocket; adjustable strap; now made in floater leather not full-grain.

    Colours: Black; Brown; Tan ; Assorted (Red, Burgundy) (Please contact us to check what colours are available) 

    Dimensions: L28 x W20 x Base 15cm

    • b-bucket-bg-1312359172-jpg
    • b-bucket-bk-1312359172-jpg
    • b-bucket-bn-1312359172-jpg
    • remote01140-1339506493-jpg
    • remote01155-1339506493-jpg
    • bucket-bag_reduced-1461837891-jpg
    • bucket-bag-inside_reduced-1461837891-jpg

    Colour *
  • Shopping Bag


    One main compartment with zip and magnetic clasp. One inner, zipped pocket. Fabric lining. Twin shoulder straps. Made in Floater (soft) leather.

    Colours:  Brown; Black; Tan; Assorted (Please contact us to check what colours are available)

    Dimensions: L38 x W30 x Base 9cm

    • b-shopping-bn-1312358427-jpg
    • b-shopping-bk-1312358427-jpg
    • shopping-bag-assorted_1-1484822562-jpg
    • shopping-bag_reduced-1461838281-jpg
    • shopping-bag-inside_reduced-1461838281-jpg
    • brown-shopping-bag-1484823723-jpg
    • brown-shopping-bag-inside-1484823723-jpg

    Colour *
  • Uni-Sex Bag


    Uni-Sex Bag. Carry and hand strap.  Ideal for travelling.

    Colours : Brown; Black; Tan 

    Dimensions : L24 x W15 x Base 6cm

    • remote01066-copy-1-1348226707-jpg
    • unisex-bag-tan-1464769371-jpg
    • unisex-bag_reduced-1461838332-jpg
    • unisex-bag1_reduced-1461838333-jpg

    Colour *
  • New Saddle Bag - Large


    One main compartment; an inner pocket and an outer pocket - no buckle on the front as on the Small and Large Saddle Bags, but closes with a press stud.

    Colours:  Black; Brown; Tan

    Dimensions: L28 x W24 x Base 9cm

    • new_saddlebag_tan1200x200-1443445943-jpg
    • new_saddlebag_black200x200-1443445943-jpg
    • new_saddlebag_insidetan200x200-1443445943-jpg
    • saddle-bag-back_reduced-1461838717-jpg
    • saddle-bag-inside_reduced-1461838717-jpg

    Colour *
  • Peasant Bag


    One main compartment; detachable, inner zipped purse.

    Colours:  Black; Brown; Tan; Assorted (Red, Burgundy, Lime) (Please contact us to check what colours are available)

    Dimensions : L36 x W36 x Base 24cm

    • b-peasant-bn-1312357692-jpg
    • b-peasant-gn-1312357692-jpg
    • b-peasant-rd-1312357692-jpg
    • peasant-tan-1464773699-jpg
    • remote01268-copy-2-1333460667-jpg
    • peasant-bag-tan_inside_reduced-1465466954-jpg

    Colour *
  • Post Bag


    One main compartment; various pouches and pockets and adjustable strap.

    Colours:   Black; Brown; Tan (currently out of stock)

    Dimensions: L24 x W24 x Base 5cm

    • b-post-bk-1312355968-1338881241-jpg
    • remote01061-1333033463-jpg
    • b-post-bn-1312355968-1338881242-jpg

    Colour *
  • Nguni Bucket Bag


    One main compartment; two outer pockets; adjustable strap.

    Colours: Nguni Brown & White;  Nguni Black & White (with either black, brown or tan full-grain leather)

    Dimensions:  L30 x W20 x  Base 15cm

    • nguni-bucket-bag-inside_1-2-1484822708-jpg
    • remote01216-1339508126-jpg
    • remote01212-1339508125-jpg

    Colour *
  • Birders Bag


    Two outer pockets; adjustable strap; two buckles to close.

    Picture of inside of bag available.

    Colours :  Brown; Tan 

    Dimensions : L35 x W27 x Base 9cm

    • birders-tan-1464769672-jpg
    • birders_bag_tan200x200-1443442210-jpg

    Colour *
  • Passport Pouch Bags


    Two zipped compartments with adjustable straps.

    Colours : Tan; Black; Brown; Assorted (Please contact us to check what colours are available)

    Dimensions : L21 x W15 cm

    Colour *
  • Book Bag


    Book bag with zip to close and handle.

    Colours : Brown; Tan 

    Dimensions: L25 x W17 x Base 5 cm.

    • remote01051-1348225293-jpg

    Colour *
  • Barcelona Bag


    3 separate compartment closed with their own zips and the middle compartment has a pocket.

    Colours:  Black; Brown; Tan; Assorted (Burgundy) (Please contact us to check what colours are available)

    Dimensions : W39 x L25 x Base 15cm / Shoulder Straps : Length 34cm

    • remote01198-1352896391-jpg
    • barcelona-inside1_reduced-1461837766-jpg
    • barcelona-inside2_reduced-1461837766-jpg
    • barcelona-tan-1464769729-jpg

    Colour *
  • Nguni Peasant Bag


    One main compartment with two inner zipped compartments

    Colours : Black & White; Brown & White

    Dimensions : L36 x W36 x  Base 24cm

    • peasant-nguni-blk-1425370817-jpg
    • nguni-peasant-bag_reduced-1461838168-jpg

    Colour *